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40k jokes. vil opdateres naar jeg finder flere.

jens watson

d. 20. jul. 2011 kl. 23:34

The Emperor appears in a vision to Mephisto, Ragnar Blackmane and Marneus Calgar, and says that he can answer any one question about the future accurately for each of them.

So Mephisto asks him when the Blood Angels will finally be able to fix the Black Rage, and Emperor tells him in the three hundredth year of the 43rd millennium. Mephisto burst into tears, as he knows he´s never going to live that long.

So Ragnar Blackmane comes up, and asks the emperor when Leman Russ will return to the Chapter for the Wolftime, and the Emperor tells him that Russ will be back by the year 503 in the 45th millennium. Ragnar busts into tears as he also realizes that he will never live that long.

Then Marneus Calgar asks the Emperor when the Imperium will be free of corruption and run in an efficient and fair manner.

At which point, the Emperor burst into tears.

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